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Mug with wrap

Regular Mug Wrap

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How to make mugs with Wraps
Set up for mug wrap1. Gather up your mugs, Cactus Wraps, heat tape, transfers, gloves, tightening device, and scissors.
Prepare mug tranfers2. Cut 2 pieces of heat tape, approximately 1" long and apply to either end of your transfer, leaving 1/2" sticking out. For best results, the transfer should be sized so it covers the top of the mug to the bottom and handle to handle
Tape Mug3. Center the transfer on the mug and tape one edge down onto the mug. Use your thumb to apply pressure along the transfer to keep it snug to the mug.
Completing mug tape4. Push the second piece of tape firmly onto the mug.

Center the mug in the Cactus Wrap,5. Center the mug in the Cactus Wrap, slide the catch under the handle and fasten it over the receiving bar. Tighten with a 7/6" nut driver or drill. We recommend the Ryobi 3/8” Clutch Driver. We use a clutch setting of 5 which gives good even pressure without over tightening the wrap, which is key to long wrap life and successful transfers.
Put mug into oven6. Use the pressure as stated above with the Ryobi drill (clutch setting of 4 or 5). You can also hand tighten with nut driver. Once snug, turn ½ to 1 full turn to give a little more pressure. You should see a slight bow in the center where the white material overlaps.
Take mug out of oven7. Pop the mug and wrap into a toaster (or larger) oven UPSIDE DOWN. Convection ovens work best and you can usually put 3-5 in at a time. Bake for approximately 15-18 minutes at 380 - 400 F if using Cactus Ink Jet coated mugs, 350 - 365 if using Versa coated mugs.

8. Put on your gloves and remove the mug.
Tight cotton gloves and looser leather gloves over the cotton offers even more protection. Loosen the Cactus Wrap and take it off the mug
Finished mug9. NOTE: Keep your gloves clean because dirt can transfer into the mug coating while hot.
You now have a couple options:
a) Remove tape and transfer while hot, but be careful.
b) Allow to cool for 1 minute then remove the tape and transf