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Recycle Your Screen Printing Frames and Save money

Frame Exchange Program - Recycle/Remesh Screen Frames

Lawson Screen & Digital

  • $14.53

Save up to 40% by using Re-Stretched Frames. Quantities Limited. Here is how the program works: Purchase Re-Stretched Screens we have in stock, at special pricing, then send us your old frames to re-stretch. No waiting for your screens to be re-stretched! Remember to clean the frame and screen before sending back to Lawson in St. Louis

Call for details: 800-325-8317

Send your screen printing frames to be re-meshed along with a filled-out Re-Stretching Form (found below) to:

Lawson Screen & Digital Products
5110 Penrose St.
St. Louis 63115

Click for Printable Re-Stretching Form

Note: if you send your frames in more than one box, please write "1 of 2" and "2 of 2" on each box, just in case they do not arrive at our location at the same time.