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PW-ID LSP-701 Ultra Wash

PW-ID LSP-701 Ultra Wash

Lawson Screen & Digital

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The Lawson PW-ID LSP-701 Ultra Wash is an amazing product. It is a screen wash, ink degradent and stain-remover all in one product!

This low odor solvent is designed to dissolve and clean all types of ink - plastisol, solvent and UV. It is "fast-acting" and will penetrate the ink surface quickly. Even though the PW-ID LSP-701 Ultra Wash is a mild stain-remover, it will not damage the mesh. This is a non-flammable (flash point of 197-F), low-foam, biodegradable product (no hazardous substances).

How to Use:

  • Scrape excess ink from screen.
  • Apply PW-ID LSP-701 Ultra Wash to both the ink and print side of the screen. Scrub as may be necessary.
  • Squeegee excess product off of the screen.
  • Using a high pressure washer, spray rinse the screen starting at the bottom of the screen and work up towards the top of the screen. Rinse and repeat on the other side of the screen, starting at the bottom.
  • If stubborn stains remain, use Lawson HR-2001 Haze & Stain Remover.

Additional Information
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