Premium DTG Ink Curing Paper 16" x 20" | Direct to garment printing supplies

Premium DTG Ink Curing Paper 16" x 20"

Lawson Screen & Digital Products

  • $39.13

Dry Your DTG Prints On A Heat Press With Premium DTG Ink Curing Paper 16" x 20"

Premium DTG Ink Curing Paper is used for drying your DTG prints on a heat press. This paper is thicker than the standard DTG Ink Curing Paper. Lawson's Premium Paper wrinkles less and can be used more times before needing a new sheet.

Use this premium silicone-treated paper for curing direct-to-garment (DTG) textile inks. Formatted for all DTG inks, including Epson, Brother, Anajet and more. Use this for curing DTG inks on a heat press. The premium parchment paper can be used multiple times before needing to be replaced.

These specialty pretreated DTG ink curing paper comes in a variety of pack sizes.

Only use the Silicone parchment paper for curing DTG ink. For drying pre-treat, use the uncoated paper.

If you want a glossy print, use a standard Teflon Coated Sheet rather than silicone treated parchment paper when curing the print in a heat press