DTG Pre-Treat Sprayer Spray Tip WENL Style | Lawson Screen & Digital

Pre-Treat Sprayer Nozzle/Spray Tip: WENL Style (16" Wide Standard Opening)

Lawson Screen & Digital

  • $51.75

For a Full Spray. This is the spray tip that comes standard with the Zoom-AE, Silver-Jet and Zippy pre-treat sprayer.

Choose the WENL spray tip to perfect your pre-treat spray. This spray tip paired with a Lawson Epson direct-to-garment (DTG) machine will give you a full pre-treat spray effect.

The WENL provides full coverage for the Lawson Zoom-AE, Silver-Jet and Zippy pre-treat sprayer. The spray patter will be 16" wide.

For a narrower pattern to spray smaller shirts, toddler and baby size items, please click on the following link: OENA Style Spray Tip (14" Wide Spray Pattern). Lawson has a variety of spray tips with varying patterns available. To order other sizes, please call (314) 382-9300.

    The WENL spray tip comes standard with:


    Older Models with the WENL spray tip includes:
    DTG Pre-Treat-R Gen II