WENF DTG PreTreat Sprayer Nozzle/Tip

Pre-Treat Sprayer Nozzle/Spray Tip: WENF Style for Polyester (Wide - Heavy)

Lawson Screen & Digital

  • $63.25

Pre-Treat Sprayer Nozzle/Spray Tip: WENF Style for Polyester (Wide - Heavy) | Replacement Part

For full spray with Polyester pre-treatment solution, choose the WENF (poly 1) spray tip to perfect your pre-treat spray. This spray tip paired with a Lawson Epson direct-to-garment machine will give you a full pre-treat spray effect.

The WENF provides full coverage for the Lawson Zoom-AE, Silver-Jet and Zippy pre-treat sprayer. This spray tip is specially engineered for use with thicker viscosity polyester pretreatment fluid. There is a larger opening that applies more pretreat to your poly garments.

Another polyester pre-treat spray tip option is the AANNL. This is the same size opening but a wider angle to get more coverage left-to-right. Lawson recommends testing to determine which poly spray tip is right for you.

Lawson has a variety of spray tips with varying patterns available. Our most popular cotton pre-treat spray nozzle is the WENL spray tip. To order other sizes, please call (314) 382-9300.

Note: Daily Purging of the System is critical to consistent spraying. The Nozzle/Tip can start to spray more narrowly as the edges become encrusted with salt deposits from the pre-treat solution. Use Magic Clean to clean your pre-treat sprayer.