Pre-Treat Sprayer Nozzle/Spray Tip: RNNA Style

Lawson Screen & Digital Products

  • $51.75

This Lawson pre-treat spray tip is designed for all Lawson pre-treat sprayers, including the Zoom-AE, Silver-Jet and Zippy. The RNNA Style spray tip provides an approximate 5 inch wide pretreat spray pattern.

Here are some general principles to understand:

  1. If you have a Zoom-XL or another air (pneumatic) pre-treat sprayer: Set your Air-Pressure to at least 50 psi. The amount of psi will effect the uniformity and amount of fluid deposit. You will determine the "ideal" pressure setting for your particular environment and type of printing through "trial-and-error".
  2. Daily Purging of the System is critical to consistent spraying. The Nozzle/Tip can start to spray more narrowly as the edges become encrusted with salt deposits from the pre-treat solution. Use Magic Clean every 2 - 3 weeks to properly clean your Lawson DTG pretreatment machine.

OENA style spray tip is commonly used for these machines:
Zippy with and without the Deluxe Package (floor stand, spray hood and casters)
Pre-Treat Vertical
Lawson Rocket