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    PreTreat Sprayer Spray Tip: OENA Style (14" Wide)

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    PreTreat Sprayer Spray Tip: OENA Style (14" Wide) | Replacement Part

    This Lawson pre-treat spray tip is designed for all Lawson pre-treat sprayers, including the Zoom-AE, Silver-Jet and Zippy. The OENA Style spray tip provides approximately a 14 inch wide pretreat spray pattern.

    This spray tip is a great option for when you want to do a smaller spray pattern and apply a narrower pre-treatment application to your t-shirt or garment.

    OENA style spray tip is commonly used for these machines:
    Zippy with and without the Deluxe Package (floor stand, spray hood and casters)
    Pre-Treat Vertical
    Lawson Rocket