Poly-Pro Manual Sink

    Poly-Pro Manual Sink

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    The Lawson Poly-Pro/Manual Screen Clean System is the best way to remove plastisol ink while recycling chemicals and saving money. The re-circulation system filters and then re-circulates ink degradent so you can reuse the chemicals on many screens without it going down the drain. This is a great way to save money on screen printing supplies.

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    The Lawson Poly-Pro/Manual Screen Cleaning System incorporates Lawson's Poly-Pro Washout Booth with a unique and dedicated ink degradent recirculation system. This enclosed system captures used screen printing chemicals, filters them, and then recirclutes it back through the hose so it can be continuously re-used.

    By recirculating your ink degradent, press wash, haze remover or any other screen printing chemicals in a closed loop system, Lawson's screen printing chemical recirculation system reuses screen printing chemicals so you reduce the need to buy more chemicals. This is just another way that Lawson helps you go green, waste less and save money.

    The recirculation tank is on wheels and features a 3-tier filtration system to strain the reclaimed chemical before it is pumped back up through the wand/scrubbed brush.