Poly-Pro Dip Tank

Lawson Screen & Digital

  • $175.00

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The Lawson Poly-Pro Dip Tank is a game changer for every large and small screen print shop. It makes reclaiming both plastisol ink and emulsion at the same time incredibly easy. Just place your screens inside the dip-tank and come back in as little as 5 minutes to power wash them out. Watch as ink and emulsion melt away with no scrubbing. Works with manual and automatic size frames, including large and small screen printing frames.

Buy the One-Step Dip Tank Concentrated Plastisol Ink Remover Solution to use in your dip tank. This Dip Tank Solution removes ink residue and the stencil all in one easy step. For use in all types of dip tanks. Use only one 5 Gallon bucket of this concentrate to fill the entire Dip Tank, and fill the rest with water.

This affordable, simple and durable dip tank features many unique features:

  • All Poly Construction
  • Lid to prevent chemistry evaporation
  • Screen Hold Down Device
  • Threaded Drain Spigot with shut off knob

Popular Options Include:

  • Floor Stand with Casters
  • Anti-Bulge Support

Dip Tank Sizing:

  • The Small Dip Tank holds up to 2, 20" x 28" OD frames.
  • The Medium Dip Tank holds up to 6, 20" x 24" OD frames.
  • The Large Dip Tank holds up to 6, 23" x 36" OD frames.

    For custom sizes, please call.