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    One-Step Concentrated Dip Tank Ink & Emulsion Remover Solution

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    One-Step Concentrated Dip Tank Ink & Emulsion Remover Solution | Remove Emulsion and Plastisol Ink Easily

    Use One Step Concentrated Dip Tank Solution to remove ink residue and the emulsion stencil from your screen printing frames and mesh. This is the easiest way for removing direct emulsion and plastsiol ink residue from your screens fast and easy. For use in all dip tanks and dunk tanks. This concentrated solution is the best and least expensive way to fill your dip tank because it can be diluted with water.

    Simply soak your screens in Lawson's One-Step dip tank solution for a few minutes and the stencil falls off the mesh when you spray it out with high-pressure water. Odor-free and safe for the environment. This product is drain-safe.


    • Works on all plastisol & UV ink
    • Can last up to 4 months
    • Mesh safe

    Suggested Procedure for Use:

    • Remove as much ink from screen as possible
    • Place screen in dip tank with One-Step solution
    • Soak for a few minutes
    • Rinse thoroughly with high-pressure water
    • Should last about 300-400 screens (depending on dilution ration)

    Aggressiveness Index: Strong and Concentrated
    Odor: No Odor
    Drain - considered drain safe into all sewer treatments when flushed with large amounts of water.

    Additional Information
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