Concentrated Plastisol Ink Rmover & Stencil Remover | Lawson Screen & Digital

One-Step Concentrated Dip Tank Ink Remover Solution

Lawson Screen & Digital

  • $50.41

Dip Tank Solution to remove ink residue and the stencil all in one easy step. For use in all types of dip tanks. Use only one 5 Gallon bucket of this concentrate to fill the entire Dip Tank, and fill the rest with water. Removing direct emulsion, and ink residue from your screens - fast and easy. Simply soak your screens in your dip tank for a few minutes (anywhere from 5 - 20 minutes) and the stencil falls off the mesh when you spray it out with high-pressure water. Odor-free and safe for the environment .


  • Works on all plastisol & UV ink
  • Can last up to 4 months
  • Mesh safe

Aggressiveness Index: Strength **

Odor: No Odor

Suggested Procedure:

  • Remove ink from screen
  • Place screen in dip tank with One-Step solution
  • Soak for 5-30 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly with high-pressure water
  • Should last about 300-400 screens

Drain - considered drain safe into all sewer treatments when flushed with large amounts of water.

HMIS Ratings – 4-Extreme, 3-High, 2- Moderate, 1-Slight
1 Health 0 Flammability 0 Reactivity B Protection


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