Omega Gas Express Textile Conveyor Dryer

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    If you are looking for an ENERGY-EFFICIENT Dryer, the Omega Gas Express is for you! It uses only 18 Amps!!! And is 120 Volts Plug-In Wiring! It's great for curing both plastisol and water-based inks. And it is only 12' long: 3' In-Feed; 6' Heat Chamber; 3' Out-Feed. Finally a Gas Dryer that can be used anywhere, even at home.

    The Lawson Omega GAS Express is designed for easy installation (no 220 required!) and can be used almost anywhere - even at home. The Lawson Omega Gas-Express combines Jet-Air and a fully insulated heat chamber that is specifically designed to maximize energy efficiency. If you are looking to save money, this dryer saves on both utilities and capital investment.

    Standard Sizes: 24" x 12' and 36" x 12'