MMC-122 Black screen print ink

MMC-122 Black


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Multi-Match is a vinyl plastisol ink designed to simulate the Pantone* Matching System colors. The colors may be mixed together to make all the colors found in the Pantone Formula Guide. Multi-Match is created especially for a "soft-hand" feel and for wet-on-wet printing. It contains no water, may be used with any stencil system and may be printed on a variety of textile products. Simple to use, no special training required.

Multi-Tech also offers color matching of most colors in the Coated Series of the Pantone® Color Formula Guide. Order a quart, gallon, 5-gallon pail or drum of your favorite Pantone® color and we will ship it in 1 - 3 days. All colors will be competitively priced according to the ingredients. We can also furnish you with Multi-Tech mixing formulas so you can mix any quantity you need right in your own shop.

Stir plastisols prior to each use. Do not dry clean or use bleach.
Always pretest before use to establish suitability and procedures prior to production.
Every monitor is different so do not use this colors for exact matching.

Finish: Gloss/semi-gloss, depending upon application.


Excellent. Approximately 700-1,750 sq. ft. per gallon.

300° F - 330° F for 2-3 minutes.

All types. Mesh selection can affect color intensity and appearance.

All types of direct or indirect systems. Water-resistant emulsions are not necessary.

Use Thinner DT or any conventional plastisol wash-up system.

Reducer/Thinner DT will reduce tackiness and viscosity. It also will reduce “ink hang” in the screen while maintaining opacity. Use 1% - 3% by weight. Reducer/Thinner PL will increase gloss and film elongation. It also will improve “ink flow.” However, it cuts opacity and slightly increases the dry/cure time. Use 1% - 5% by weight. Use with caution. Thickener Paste will stir in easily and will slightly increase the viscosity of the ink. It also will slightly increase dry/cure time. Use 1% - 5% by weight. Thickener Powder also will increase the viscosity but will not affect the dry/cure time. However, it must be stirred in with a drill mixer. Use up to 1% by weight.

Storage: Store in a relatively cool area. Keep away from extreme heat and direct sun penetration. Store below 95° F.