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Vapor Micro Fiber Sample Pack Shirts

Micro-Fiber Sample Pack

Vapor Apparel

  • $81.85

Micro-Fiber Sample Pack Includes:

Type of Shirt Color
Youth Micro Short Sleeve Zesty Yellow
Micro Short Sleeve Mars Red
Micro Short Sleeve Athletic Grey
Micro Short Sleeve Vegas Gold
Micro Long Sleeve Brighter White
Micro Muscle Mercury Silver
Micro Women's Short Sleeve Blue Sky Blue
Micro Women's Sleeveless Breezy Pink
Micro Women's Singlet White
Micro Men's Singlet White
Vapor Phenom Black

***Please note that sizes will vary to fulfill sample packs.

Go above the conventional t-shirt.
Give your customers a sharper look.
Vapor Apparel offers premium performance fabrics and fashionable cuts.

Built to Last: The Vapor line is made of revolutionary fabrics. Light and durable, our micro-fiber and spun poly performance fabrics are comfortable and sturdy. Two needle cover stitch-in hems, reinforced neck tape, and four-thread over lock stitching is added for additional support. The Basic-T also includes a shoulder-to-shoulder neck tape for the toughest customers you have.

Customization Ready: Digital decorators deserve garments designed to their specifications and needs. Every garment is ready for artwork without prepping or cleaning. Vapor Apparel is your ideal performance apparel partner. All art/photographs are dyed into the fabrics; NO fading, cracking or peeling.

Vapor Micro Performance Line
This light, 4.4 oz. performance, micro-fiber fabric will keep you cool in the heat and warm when there’s a chill in the air. The entire Premium line offers superior wicking performance and delivers anti-microbial, anti-mildew, and anti-stain performance features. This shirt is available in Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve and Muscle-T styles.

Anti-Mildew, Fungus, Bacteria and Odor Technology
Other technologies need anti-bacterial finishes to reduce odors. The are active chemicals using heavy metals to destroy odor causing bacteria (microorganisms). These chemicals are not permanent and will wash out over time. Because of the dry nature of the Intera technology, bacteria is starved of the water it needs to survive. In fact, the Intera technology starves microorganisms of virtually all water thus preventing mildew, fungus, bacteria and odor from developing.

Improper Care of your garment can lead to depletion of the fabric's performance levels over time. By following basic washing instructions, you can maintain the high quality performance of your technical apparel.

Never use dryer sheets, or fabric softener - these clog the pores of the fabric and deplete performance.

Use a minimum amount of laundry products. Their additives can clog the fabric, inhibiting the wicking power of the fiber. We recommend using bleach free/scent free detergents.