Metallic Embroidery Thread


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    We Proudly Sell Robison Anton Thread for Your Best Embroidery Projects

    Metallic Threads by Robison-Anton are some of the best embroidery threads available on today's market. Robison-Anton's Metallic sewing thread is used for embroidery, embellishment, and decorative applications. These colors make stitches stand out and will give your decoration a sparkle in comparison to rayon threads. Its nylon core cone makes it a strong, durable, easy-sewing thread that can be used with bleach.

    It is generally recommended to begin sewing metallic threads with a new needle. Ideally, J-Metallic should be sewn with a size 80/12 needle, but if there is fabric damage you can use a 75/11 size needle.

    These metallic threads are made of foil wrapped around a nylon cord for superior durability. Lawson provides Robison-Anton King Spools with 3,000 yards of embroidery thread on each spool. Silver and gold embroidery thread available.

    Additional Information

    To learn more about how to embroidery with these threads, read our blog Tips for Sewing with Metallic Embroidery Thread. This blog covers 8 easy tips for sewing with metallic embroidery thread.