Mesh-645 Purple Nylon Mesh & Athletic Plastisol Ink

    Mesh-645 Purple


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    Multi-Tech's nylon mesh ink is specially formulated for printing on nylon mesh fabrics (not nylon jackets). It provides superior abrasion resistance, maximum adhesion, wash durability and is easy to print. It features a fast flashing formulation with little or no "after-tack".

    Stir plastisols prior to each use. Do not dry clean or use bleach.
    Always pretest before use to establish suitability and procedures prior to production.
    Every monitor is different so do not use this colors for exact matching.

    Finish: Semi-flat-raised.

    Screens: 38 to 86 mesh for large-area prints, 110 to 125 for finer detail. Screens may be prepared with conventional emulsions or indirect capillary films. High-density printing requires special screens and stencil preparation.

    Fabrics:Nylon Mesh, Cottons, cotton blends, and other synthetics.

    Drying: 300° F - 330° F to achieve full fusion. Overheating will cause puff ink to collapse. Expansion begins at 270° F. Test to determine ideal drying time and temperature settings.

    Stencils: All types of direct or capillary film systems.

    Wash-up: Any conventional plastisol wash-up system.

    Reducers: The ink should be used straight from container. If modification is needed, use 1% - 3% Thinner DT by weight, or 3% - 5% Thickener Paste. Remember that over-modification can affect performance of the ink.

    Storage: Store in a relatively cool area. Keep away from extreme heat and direct sun penetration. Store below 95° F.