MD-100 Screen Printing Mesh Degreaser

    MD-100 Screen Printing Mesh Degreaser

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    MD-100 Screen Printing Mesh and Frame Degreaser | When You Want A Powerful Degreaser

    Use this concentrated mesh degreaser for degreasing new and used screen mesh. Can be used straight from the bottle for a powerful degreaser or diluted with water. The best for removing dirt, silicone and oils from your frame mesh. Using mesh degreaser allows for better emulsion adhesive, which helps eliminate pinholes and fisheyes in your emulsion. Drain safe.

    Why Use MD-100 Mesh Degreaser?

    • Improves stencil adhesion
    • Reduces pinholes
    • Excellent degreasing and sheeting properties
    • Use with both hard and soft water systems
    • Concentrated formula
    • Rinses clean

    Additional Information:

    Click Here for MSD Sheet