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MC-808 Forest Green

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Multi-Tech LogoMulti-Choice is a plastisol ink for general-purpose screen printing on a variety of textile products. It can be printed on cotton, cotton/polyester blends, rayons and most open-weave and mesh nylon material. Multi-Choice also can be used for printing standard or hot split transfers, in addition to athletic printing. Multi-Choice is also fast-flashing. A variety of additives are available for use with Multi-Choice for special applications.

In fact, if you want just one ink to do everything, Multi-Choice is the choice. For example, with the addition of MSB-100 Clear/Soft-Hand Extender, Multi-Choice can achieve a "soft-hand" feel without affecting the cure time! You can also add our Puff Concentrate and have a true "puff ink" with the added advantage of being able to control the amount of puff desired. We even have an Athletic Additive that increases adhesion (without a two-part catalyst) and abrasion-resistance. For nylon jacket printing, the addition of a Jacket Catalyst will turn Multi-Choice into a two-part ink that really sticks.

We have listed the closest PANTONE® color to our standard color.
Every monitor is different so do not use this color for exact matching.

Pantone 343C

Finish: Semi-Gloss
Opacity: Excellent
Mileage: Excellent. Approximately 450 to 1650 sq. Ft. per gallon, depending on ink deposit and screen mesh.
Drying: 300°F - 330°F for 2-3 minutes for direct printing; 220°F - 240°F for 30-60 seconds for transfers.
Fabrics: All types. For maximum coverage on dark garments, use 61 to 110 monofilament.
Stencils: All types of direct systems. For hand-cut stencils, use water-soluble films.
Wash-ups: Use Thinner DT or any conventional plastisol wash-up systems.