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LSP Split Tape for Screen Printing

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  • $8.16

Stop Peeling Tape All Day With LSP Split Tape for Screen Printing

Lawson Split Tape greatly reduces the time it takes to reclaim your screen frames, therefore you're able to process more orders in a day. Instead of having employees spend their valuable time with the frustrating task of peeling tape, they can effortlessly remove the Lawson Split Tape and get the frame ready for the next job.

  • Lawson Split Tape is used to mask out the inside of a screen print frame
  • Blue areas on the tape contain no adhesive to keep your frames clean and free of adhesive residue
  • Tape will not break, tear, or shred
  • Saves time in the reclaiming process
  • No release liner to remove, for quick and easy application
  • Eliminates need for costly labor and solvents to clean frames
  • Economical to use