Livingston Short Zipper Risers

Livingston F2000 Short Zipper Hoodie Riser Platen Medium Platen

Lawson Screen & Digital

  • $89.00

This TucLoc® platen is interchangeable with any existing Epson F-2000 direct-to-garment (DTG) printer. If you have ever wondered how to DTG print on a zipper garment – the answer is with the Livingston TucLoc® zipper hoodie platen. These two (2) 6.5” x 8” short zipper hoodie risers fit onto the Medium TucLoc® platen. The risers allow for the zipper to drop below the print area so no damage occurs to the Epson print head and the F2000 does not give you a height error.

*Please note, you must have or buy the Livingston TucLoc® Medium platen to use this item