Livingston Epson F2000 & F2100 Extra Small Platen (8x10)


    • $487.00


    Livingston Epson F2000 & F2100 Extra Small Platen (8x10) | For Small Garments

    This TucLoc® platen is interchangeable with any existing Epson F-2000 & F2100 direct-to-garment (DTG) printer. With this Livingston TucLoc® platen, loading and printing t-shirts, textiles, or other garments on the Epson F2000 & F2100 is easy. With the TucLock platen, you can quickly and easily tuck the edges of your t-shirt or garment between the two rubber pads surrounding the platens sides. This gets rid of having to use adhesives, rings, or hoops. The TucLoc® system holds garments securely, removing wrinkles and allowing an unobstructed path. This is how to easily DTG print on t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants or any other item.

    Size 8" x 10"