Lilac DI - 603


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    Lilac DI - 603 | Low-Cure Plastisol Ink

    Features & Tips for Optimal Results

    Pantone 256C

    Finish: Semi-Gloss
    Stencils: All Types of direct emulsion or capillary film
    can be used
    Opacity: Semi-Opaque
    Wash-Up: Use Thinner DT or any conventional plastisol
    wash-up system
    Bleed Resistance: Fair-Good
    Storage: Store in a relatively cool area. Keep away from
    extreme heat and direct sun penetration. Store below 95℉

    Ink Build-Up on Screen: Minimal
    Mileage: Excellent. Approximately 800-1,750 sq. ft. per gallon
    Drying: 270℉  - 280℉  
    Fabrics: All types. For soft-hand coverage, use 196 to 305 monofilament

    Always pretest before use to establish suitability and procedures prior to production.

    Stir plastisols prior to each use. Do not dry clean or use bleach, or direct iron.