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SR-45 Screen Printing Stencil Remover

Lawson SR-45 Stencil Remover

Lawson Screen & Digital

  • $16.87

Odor-free, non hazardous, concentrated stencil remover liquid you can mix up to 1:3 with your water for removing direct emulsion stencils, capillary film stencils or direct/indirect stencils. Ideal for direct use with a spray bottle, or in dip tanks (when using a dip tank, we suggest using full strength or 1:2 dilution). We add mesh degreaser, so when you rinse, you're ready to coat as soon as it's dry!

Light Freeze-Thaw Safe

Also Available:
55 gallon drum...$18.50/gallon..$1,017.50*** Please Call to Order

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