Lawson Epson F2000 & F2100 Long Sleeve Platen

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    • $420.00


    Lawson manufactures the best Long Sleeve Platen for the Epson F2000 & F2100 DTG Printer. This Epson DTG platen is perfect for long sleeve t-shirts and hoodie sleeves. Besides printing on long sleeves, this Lawson Epson platen can be used to print tote bags, short sleeves, pockets, socks, wine bags, tagless t-shirts, or any other long or rectangular object. The platen is 4" wide x 20" long. 

    How it works:

    • Mount the platen like you would any other Epson F-2100 or F-2000 DTG platen.
    • Lift and insert the upper section of the platen into the pre-treated sleeve of your garment.
    • Lower the top section of the platen onto the bottom section and you are ready to print!


    How to Use the Lawson Epson F2100 DTG Sleeve Platen

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