ID-360 Ink Degradent and Stain Remover

Lawson ID-360 Ink Degradent & Stain Remover

Lawson Screen & Digital

  • $22.50

Aggressive Ink Degradent & Mild Stain Remover - Mild/Strong Odor

ID-360 is our most aggressive water-soluble ink degradent designed for ALL INKS, including plastisol and water-based inks from screen printing frames. Completely cleans and removes residual ink stains so it can also be used as biodegradable, drain safe, Non-Flammable stain remover. Includes degreaser. Mild-Strong odor. (Do NOT apply to the adhesive portion of your screen).

Also Available:
195-8141-S5 55 Gallon Drum .......Please call to order


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