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Lawson HR-2020 Haze & Stain Remover

*This Item Has Been Discontinued.

Lawson HR-202 Haze & Stain Remover | Drain Safe

The Lawson HR-2020 Haze & Stain Remover Screen Printing reclaiming chemical is non-hazardous, and mild. It is drain safe, and water soluble. Friendlier to the environment than caustic haze removers. Safer for employees, with low odor. Ships UPS without any additional hazard fees. Can dry on the screen without damaging the screen printing mesh on silk screen frames. For best results, let it dry before rinsing. Improves emulsion adhesion. Degreaser included so there is no extra step after rinsing. Rinse clean so you can coat as soon as your mesh is dry Works on diazo stains also.

Lawson Do Not Freeze IconCAUTION: This product can FREEZE during shipment. If you do not understand about the "freezing issue", please call us at 314-382-9300 for information on this subject. Lawson can not be responsible for damages due to freezing.