Optilux Coupler Screen Print INk

IC-505 Optilux Reflective Plastisol Ink with Coupler

Lawson Screen & Digital

  • $102.00

Optilux™ Reflective Plastisol is an easy to print, two-part, retro-reflective ink that contains mbeads™, light reflecting glass beads. When a garment printed with Optilux™ ink is exposed to a beam of light, the micro-spheres bounce the light back to the source.

The resulting retro-reflective effect enhances your design and creates a point of difference. Optilux™ Reflective Plastisol ink is much more than a decorative effect, it also gives your garment the additional feature of safety, by improving night time visibility of your design and the wearer.

Get the Edge

Optilux™ Reflective Film and Adhesive system is a 2 pack system that produces brilliantly bright Reflective Transfers for logos and garment decoration.

Easy to use, durable and with reflectivity levels of over 500 candlepower, Optilux™ Reflective Film and Transfer Adhesive can give you the edge on the competition