Evolve SDP System DTG Printing Machine

    Evolve SDP System DTG Printing Machine

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    The Lawson Evolve SDP is an industrial, automated state-of-the-art pretreat system. Pretreat garments quickly, easily and consistently at the touch of a button (or foot pedal) - every 17 - 20 seconds. The Color Touch Screen can hold up to 40 programmable sequences for instant recall, servo drive spray head with adjustable speed and spray length, shirt orientation, programmable dark, light, poly and custom pretreat solutions, adjustable purge routines a cost calculator, and many more automation features. The Lawson Evolve SDP is for the production DTG printer who demands the very best efficiency and production for their workflow.

    If you are looking for pretreat spray automation, the Lawson Evolve SDP features many cost-savings benefits and provides the ultimate in consistent spray applications. The Evolve works with every direct-to-garment printer's pretreat solution (including thicker polyester solutions)

    Eliminate the extra handling and coordination when you have 3 separate operations (spray, dry and heat press)...the Evolve does it all at once! With every rotation of the carousel, you'll be ready to place your garment on your DTG printer for decoration.

    Spray, dry and press 3 to 4 shirts a minute. With the Lawson Evolve you can product enough shirts to feel up to 6 DTG printers at a time - with ONLY 1 Operator!

    The Lawson Evolve SDP is specifically designed for those DTG printers who want a state-of-the-art SYSTEM that is easy to use, compact and is backed by a manufacturing company serving the imaging industry since 1949.