ET-15000 Film Printer Ink

ET-15000 Film Printer Ink

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  • $38.50

ET-15000 Film Printer Ink | Replacement Ink

This is the all black ink for the ET-15000 Film Positive Printer Ink. Use this dark and dense transparency black ink for the best film positive exposure with LED and fluorescent light exposure units. ET-15000 ink fixes the problems screen printers had with other inkjet prints not designed for screen printers.

ET-15000 Film Printer Ink is a black dye ink formulated for those who want a great imaging speed and dark, dense film positives that prevent light creep and other exposure issues that come from inferior film positives.

Combine with Lawson's Water Resistant Inkjet Film for instant drying, minimal dot gain and the best black ink density,.

Key Features

  • Key Features High Quality Color Separation Ink for EPSON EcoTank Color Separation Printer
  • 99.9 Percent of all UV Light is Absorbed
  • Virtually Instantaneous Drying Time
  • Outstanding Density and High Speed Imaging
  • Available in 70ml and 140ml Bottles
  • Works Perfectly with Lawson Water Resistant Inkjet Film
  • Film Offers the Best Solution
  • Best Value Pricing in the Industry
  • Made in the USA