EPSON F2100 DTG Printer Small Platen

    Epson SureColor F2100 DTG Small Garment Platen (10" x 12")


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    Small T-Shirts Are No Problem With The Epson SureColor F2100 DTG Small Garment Platen (10" x 12")

    This Epson Small (10" x 12") platen for the SureColor Direct to Garment (DTG) F2100 and F-2000 is a great platen for printing on small t-shirts, baby and toddler clothes and other garments or small items. It can be used for printing on infant and young children's apparel and other very small garment sizes.

    You can get the optional Epson Grip Pad to go with your small platen. If you get the grip pad, you do not need to use the hoop. 
    The Epson DTG Printer Platen Grip Pads work from mounting on the Epson's DTG platen to prevent garments from moving around during DTG printing. These DTG platen felt pads allow for hoop-free garment printing. 

    Use the Epson Grip Pad Tool for when loading the garment on a grip pad-covered platen to remove slack and creases before printing

    Model: C12C933941

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