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Epson Stylus C88 ChromaBlast Ink Cartridges


  • $75.00

ChromaBlast™ is a unique patented ink and media combination driven by powerful print software to create the best cotton imaging system available. As heat and pressure is applied to the cotton, a chemical cross-link with cotton occurs. The result is a customized cotton shirt with soft hand, vibrant color and superior wash-ability.

What is ChromaBlast?

How the ChromaBlast™ system works

  • Create or import your artwork using a graphic program, like CorelDraw® or Photoshop®. Customize and control your color output through the ChromaBlast™ driver.
  • Print your image using ChromaBlast™ inks, a standard Epson® printer, and high–quality ChromaBlast™ media.
  • Using a standard heat press, cross–link the image onto cotton...
  • And create an instant customized image ready for sale that feels and looks great wash after wash!

What Makes ChromaBlast™ Extreme Digital Imaging Special?

  • Incredibly Soft Image Feel
  • Vibrant Color – Wash After Wash
  • Overprint Washes Away
  • Affordable System
  • Fast & Easy Customization
Lawson explanation of ChromaBlast system