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Epson Stylus C120 Ink Refills

Epson Stylus C120 ChromaBlast Ink Refills


  • $100.00

Epson C120 System for ChromaBlast

Entering the highly-profitable world of custom, cotton decorating has never been easier. The ChromaBlast™ system for the Epson® C120 is an entry-level cotton-decorating system that makes starting a t-shirt or fabric decorating business affordable. This compact system is both portable and user-friendly and is perfect for any business looking to add the vibrant imagery and fine details of ChromaBlast to their product mix.The ChromaBlast system for the Epson C120 features Epson’s latest entry-level, four-color printer, ChromaBlast inks and media. Combined with Sawgrass’ ChromaBlast driver software, this next generation system produces superior color with each customized image at productive speeds. Sawgrass’ free driver software makes accurate color management easy print after print. The QuickConnect II Bulk Ink System dramatically reduces costs per print, making it possible for a business based on this system to be even more profitable.

ChromaBlast for the Epson C120 Features:

  • ChromaBlast inks (CMYK) and media
    ChromaBlast inks and media combine for a one-two punch for vibrant color, soft hand, and superior washability.
  • Affordable system with the lowest cost per print
    A low cost of entry price point combined with the ChromaBlast Quick Connect II Bulk ink system for the lowest cost per print offers business a fast start on the path to profitability.
  • Advanced color management tools
    The easy to use ChromaBlast C120 driver delivers superior image output.
  • Portable system
    Compact and lightweight, this system goes to where your customers are - festivals, shows, events - and the list goes on!
  • Total Support
    Sawgrass offers the total package with dedicated, expert-level support to keep your business running at full speed.

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