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EPSON Stylus C120 ArTainium Ink CARTRIDGES

EPSON Stylus C120 ArTainium Ink CARTRIDGES


  • $73.00

Price includes 2 cartridges

The compact, entry-level ArTainium system for the Epson C120 is the latest generation of affordable entry-level sublimation printing.  Fast printing speeds and portability make this user-friendly system a perfect option for businesses looking to enter the sublimation market. Take your business to your customers with this lightweight, portable system that now includes a choice of two ICC profiles to ensure that color management is both easy and effective. Product Highlights

  • Epson driver combined with two ICC profile options for easy color accuracy at optimal speed
  • EasyFlow™ Plus bulk ink system available for a lower cost per print
  • Letter size files print in under two minutes
  • Output sizes include both letter and legal size (up to 8 ½” x 14”)
  • Cost-effective solution for both Mac and PC users

ArTainium® UV+ sublimation ink is best known for its reliability and affordability. ArTainium sublimation inks cost-effectively provide professional results  for those who prefer to rely on their own color management expertise rather than rely on a pre-established print interface and for those who require less technical support. ArTainium UV+ inks produce stunning graphics, quickly and easily, enabling your business to capitalize on the visual power of sublimation.

ArTainium UV+ Sublimation System Highlights

Color & Output Power
Get creative with color and output using custom ICC profiles that comes standard with ArTainium UV+ inks. Utilizing the Epson® driver, the ICC profiles provide creative freedom to control and manipulate output your own way.

Flexible Solutions
ArTainium UV+ systems are designed for the true graphics professional. With the ability to print in both Mac or PC environments, these flexible solutions work well in every environment.

More Ink for Your Money
Save money with ArTainium bulk ink systems. The EasyFlow® Bulk Ink system is available with ArTainium UV+ inks and provides a simple method to cut your costs per print by more than 60%. It’s an easy way to keep cash where it belongs…in your pocket!