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EPSON Stylus 1400/1430 ArTainium Ink - 110ml Refill Bags

EPSON Stylus 1400/1430 ArTainium Ink - 110ml Refill Bags


  • $140.00

Featuring faster printing speeds and improved printing capabilities, the ArTainium system for the Epson Stylus Photo 1400 is ideal for digital transfer professionals looking for a professional, cost-effective sublimation solution that produces superior photo-quality images on a wide range of substrates. As flexible as it is affordable, this system features six-color printing with the Easy Flow Bulk Ink System for maximum productivity, consistent results, and lowest cost per print.

ArTainium UV+™ inks utilize a proprietary method of dye particle encapsulation. This procedure makes them the most UV resistant sublimation inks available on the market. Stringent manufacturing and quality control procedures ensure stability and consistency. In addition, our professionally created ICC color management profiles provide stunningly accurate and consistent color control management.