Epson Hanger Platens for Epson F-3070 & F-2100 (Multiple Sizes)


    • $349.95


    Epson printer pallets with hanger for alignment and storage.

    These hanger platens are compatible with the Epson SC-F3070, F-2100 and F-2000 DTG printer. These platen come in three (3) sizes: Small, Medium, and Large, and have a built in quick alignment hanger. Use the hanger for quickly aligning your t-shirt or for putting extra and bulky material through like a hoodie or long sleeve shirt.

    Epson Product # Product Name Size
    C12C936281 Small Hanger Platen This small 12"x 10" DTG platen is used most for adult small and youth garments.
    C12C936261 Medium Hanger Platen This medium 14"x 16" DTG platen is used for most adult sized garments.
    C12C936241 Large Hanger Platen This large 16"x 20" DTG platen is used for oversized garments.