Epson P400 UltraChrome HG2 Ink Cartridges


  • $25.69

Epson P400 UltraChrome HG2 Ink Cartridges For Great Color

Colorful, durable prints

Part of our award-winning line of photographic pigment ink technology, the 8-color UltraChrome HG2 Ink set includes Red and Orange inks for deep reds, truer color and minimized ink use, plus Gloss Optimizer for a smooth, photographic-lab-quality finish. Eight individual 14 mL ink cartridges allow for high productivity with a more affordable cost per set.

Key Features

  • Ink Supply Fill Volume: 14 mL each color x 8 colors total
  • Ink Shelf Life:3 years from printed production date or 6 months after opened
  • Vibrant color: Red and Orange inks ensure true, deep reds and richer skin tones