Organ Needles

Organ Needles

  • $20.35

Organ needles are high quality sewing needles designed to match machines for maximum performance. Manufactured from high carbon, silicone enriched steel, use Organ needles to ensure smoother stitches, consistent quality and fewer thread breaks. This is the standard large eye embroidery needle. Lawson Screen & Digital offers Organ Needles in a regular point and ballpoint.

A regular point tip, which is a "sharper" needle, allows the embroidery thread to pass easily through the needle's eye without fraying or snapping. The regular point needle is used primarily on caps that are stiffer fabric. They can be used on flat garments as well. Be cautious as this needle can "cutout" the fabric.

A ball point tip are made to alleviate making holes in knit or loosely woven materials. The ball point needle pushes through fabric, avoiding to create any damaging holes in the fabric. Most commonly used needle, it is less sharp and used in close to 75% of embroidery. 

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