Dual-Tack Pallet & Platen Adhesive Tape


    • $49.50


    Save Money and Keep Your Shop Clean With Dual-Tack Pallet & Platen Adhesive Tape

    This Dual-Tack Pallet Tape is perfect for screen printing platens, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing pallets, and shirt boards. It is sticky on both sides to hold the shirt, hoodie or other garment in place without having to apply water-based glue or spray adhesive. It is a double sided tape for your platen! This saves you money and keeps your shop cleaner.

    The adhesive can be re-activated by wiping with a wet sponge and putting under your flash spot dryer. If you notice the tackiness is wearing off; take a spray bottle with water and spray the adhesive. Use a flat brush, or sponge to wipe off t-shirt or hoodie lint. After you have wiped it clean, run the platen under a flash cure unit to reactivate the adhesive.

    This double sided platen tape comes in two sizes - 15" inches wide x 36 yards, 18" inches wide x 36 yards.

    Dual Tack Tape Compared to other Screen Printing Platen Adhesives

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    Watch video tutorial listed below

    1 - Stretch the tape across the platen or pallet.

    2 - Cut the tape to the size of your platen. Its best to cut it a little long so you do not cut your pallet itself.

    3 - Use a squeegee to smooth out the tape onto the pallet and get rid of any air pockets. Excessive air bubbles reduce the longevity of the tape.

    4 - Once the tape is in place, peel back the top protective sheet to expose the adhesive. If you notice an air pocket, use a sharp knife, box cutter, or X-Acto to poke a hole in and press down to smooth out.

     Now you are ready to print!