Direct-to-Film (DTF) Heat Transfer Powder

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    Lawson Has The Best DTF Transfer Powder

    This Direct-to-Film (DTF) heat transfer powder (Transdust Transfer Powder) is a universal powder that works with white and black garments. This polyurethane hot-melt powder has special dye-migration blockers so it can work on dark color polyester shirts. With a low melt point, Lawson's DTF transfer powder applies with a lower temperature and quick heat press onto the garment.

    How to Use - Directions for Use

    1. Print DTF ink onto your DTF Film.
    2. Shake off excess powder.
    3. Set your heat press to 325 degrees and hover heat press over the film for about 2 1/2 minutes.

    These directions were created using Lawson's DTF Transfer Powder and Lawson's DTF Film. Using other brands many vary these instructions. Testing prior to production is always recommended. Th

    This is a 1 pound (lb) product.