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    Designs 4U - Volume 2 #5624 (Limited Quantities)


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    Back with more Designs - Designs4U Vol. 2(CD-ROM and Catalog)

    The idea behind Design4U is simple – modifying an existing design is easier and faster than creating one from scratch. Designs4U is a CD-ROM collection of over 300 designs that are sized to fit various Unisub and other sublimation products. The designs can be edited in CorelDRAW 8 or higher to create personalized products in minutes. Simple open the design that you want to use, change text in the original design and click print. Use Design4U to create showroom samples – show your customers what you can do with sublimation!

    Unisub Designs4U is the perfect companion for the sublimation Target Marketing tools.

    Designs4U includes a full-color catalog that can be used as a sales tool in your showroom. Let your customers thumb through the pages to generate ideas for decorated products. Design categories include:

    Volume Two:

    • Employee of the Month
    • Fraternity-Sorority
    • Motivational
    • Organizations
    • Personal
    • Signs and Name Plates
    • Team Sports