ColorMate RIP for Film Positives (Mac Compatible)

    ColorMate RIP for Film Positives (Mac Compatible)

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    • $589.00


    Mac RIP for Screen Print Film Positives

    Description: A Mac based rip for printing screen print film positives with a variety of printers, including the Epson P-Series and T-series inkjet printers. This Color Mate mac rip offers advanced features for imaging film positives with a simplified interface.

    Key Features

    • True Mac-Based RIP, Not an Emulation Software
    • Mac-based Postscript Level 3 Compatible
    • Dongle-less Security
    • Single Page User Friendly Interface
    • Capable of Supporting Inkjet Printers Most Suitable for Films
    • Multiple Dot Types for Both Stochastic and Ordered Screens
    • Customizable Screen Angles with Independent Dot Gain Curves
    • Quick Set-up With GO Configuration for ScreenMate Ink and ScreenMate Film
    • Multiple Color Controls Including All Black Ink
    • Adaptable Ink Density Control
    • High Resolution for Imaging Up to 180 LPI
    • Image Preview by Separated Screen with Zoom Capabilities
    • InRIP Color Separations
    • Auto and Manual Nesting
    • Advanced Workflow with Job Tracking
    • Crop / Registration Marks
    • Screen Preview of Each Separation
    • Multiple Language Versions
    • Cost Estimator for Budget Control
    • Customizable Hot Folders
    • Print Reports with Details
    • Advanced Printer Controls
    • Single Printer with Each Package with Optional Printer Add-ons