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ChromaLuxe 5 x 7 Center Panel with Flat Top and Hinges

ChromaLuxe Center Panel with Hinges #5874


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ChromaLuxe 5 x 7 Center Panel with Flat Top and Hinges

ChromaLuxe™ Brand Photo Panels are an exciting new dimensional display/mounting option for images. Produced in a range of popular photo sizes, ChromaLuxe™ panels feature an advanced, highly durable and extremely smooth UV resistant coating bonded to substrates that include .030" aluminum, and 3/4" and 5/8" wood. Designed to be digitally imaged using the sublimation printing process, ChromaLuxe™ panels are fabricated into a range of display configurations that include easel back panels, hinged multiple panels such as diptychs and triptychs, and wall mounted large-format panels.

Brilliant Color Reproduction Alternative Materials to a paper print
Unsurpassed Image Clarity Scratch Resistant
Capture Additional Sales UV Resistant
Smooth Laser Cut edge and backing Long Life Span
Available in assorted styles and shapes Easels or hinges for tabletop display use

These products are imaged using sublimation inks printed by an Epson inkjet printer onto a carrier sheet, which is then placed onto the ChromaLuxe™ panel blanks and cycled in a heat press. The image becomes a gas and is infused into the surface of the panel coating. The result is a glass-like glossy (or matte) scratch-resistant finish. Panels imaged by this process are extremely high quality with vivid color reproduction and have a high perceived value. Most products are ready for display without the need for additional matting, framing, or laminating operations. Expect brilliant color reproduction and unsurpassed image clarity. They are also scratch and UV resistant with a long life span.

Available in a range of traditional photo sizes as well as exciting new shapes. The panels can be joined together to create stunning photo displays – perfect for a fireplace mantle, library shelf, or the top of an armoire. The hinged multiple panels are easy to assemble, sold as hinged pairs and middle pieces. With the two outer pieces, as many middle sections can be added as you like; they have slots for hinges on each side.

Center panel can work with #5873 panel. Add as many as you want to your panel collection!