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ChromaBlast Heat Transfer Package

ChromaBlast Heat Transfer Packages

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Create your own ChromaBlast kit

You choose heat transfer press, Epson printer, ChromaBlast inks cartridges, chromablast transfer paper and more...

The key to the ChromaBlast™ Digital Color Imaging System is the chemical bonding between the ink and the coating on the media. Where the ink chemistry and the media coating chemistry touch, there is a cross–link reaction under heat and pressure that chemically bonds the image to the cotton. The cross–link creates a very strong and nearly permanent bond. Remove the paper and the image area is tattooed into the shirt itself. The overprint area from the media does physically transfer, but washes away because it has no ink to react to in the non-image area. The area around the image has a very light feel that becomes nearly imperceptible after one wash.

Select Printer
Ricoh 7700 Gel Printer
Ricoh 3110DN Gel Printer

Select Your Choice of Heat Transfer Press
Hobby Press - 9" x 12"
JP14 -12" x 14"
DK16 - 14" x 16"
DC16 - 14" x 16"
DK20S - 16 "x 20"
DK3 Mug Press

Select ChromaBlast Heat Transfer Paper (100 Sheets Box)
Choose the paper size that fit your printer that you selected.
8.5" x 11" Box
11" x 17" Box

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