Ulano CDF Lexar 50 Capillary Film System

Ulano CDF Lexar 50 Capillary Film System


  • $1,549.13

Pure Photopolymer (SBQ) Capillary Film System

For use with solvent-based inks

Sold only in cases. 6 Rolls to a case

CDF Lexar utilizes SBQ (pure photopolymer) and is formulated to use with solvent-based inks. CDF Lexar is easy to reclaim and well suited to the printing of flat-stock graphics, plastisols for textiles, POP displays, computer-to-screen (CTS), containers, printable adhesives, and advertising specialties. The red film is coated on a matte-surfaced polyester. This imparts a slight texture to the printing stock under conditions of high humidity, and electrostatic attraction under low humidity conditions.


  • Matte-surfaced polyester backing imparts texture to the printing side of stencils
    • Minimizes hydrostatic attraction to printing stock under high humidity conditions
    • Minimizes electrostatic attraction under low humidity conditions
  • Good solvent resistance
    • Reclaims easily without screen fabric
  • Red, high-contrast color
    • Easy stencil inspection and see-through registration
  • Easy to Use
    • Minimal training required
    • "Pre-coated" stencils = perfect stencils -- everytime
    • Consistent exposure time
    • Consistent stencil thickness = control of ink deposits -- and ink costs
    • Wet processing reduces drying time and pinholes; spedds production
  • Fast exposure and processing
    • Fast stencil turnaround
    • Significally less labor and production time
    • Wide exposure latitude

Formats: Available in rolls or custom-cut sheets (no mess, no waste!)