roll of Roland Matte Calendered Vinyl W/ Perm. Adhesive

    Roland Matte Calendared Vinyl Perm. Adhesive


    • $57.18


    Versatile Roland Matte Calendered Vinyl is a Durable Option

    Roland Matte Calendered Vinyl is a pressure-sensitive calendered vinyl that is durable and water-resistant. The excellent white point of this product along with a relatively high gloss level make it a very useful product for a variety of graphic applications that require extended indoor or outdoor life. Compatible with Roland SOLJET, VersaArt, VersaCAMM, VersaStudio and VersaUV printers.

    Matte 20" x 50' Roll: #ESM-MCVP-50-20
    Matte 30" x 150' Roll: #ESM-MCVP-150-30
    Matte 54" x 150' Roll: #ESM-MCVP-150-54