C-Breeze RIP Epson F2000 Edition

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  • $795.00

Finally available for the Epson SureColor F2000 DTG printer is the C-Breeze RIP software. The perk of this RIP software is it will give you more control over the white-layer, and white ink usage, saving you money and stress in comparison to other RIP software. C-Breeze is easy to integrate into automated workflow systems and is faster than the lead competing direct-to-garment software. It even has the ability to print directly from RIP or from your favorite application. 

C-Breeze RIP Epson F2000 Edition Features

  • White Ink Settings - C-Breeze RIP's white layer generation algorithms are unparalleled in the industry. But this software allows you to change the saturation & sharpness modify the content of the RIP-generated white or make your own white layer yourself.

  • Intensity and sharpness controls - The purpose of these controls is to alter the intensity of the white ink, thus making the print brighter or duller on demand.

  • Selecting the background color for white ink generation - One of the more popular methods of white-layer generation is to use the background of the artwork to figure out what pixels are image and what pixels are background. This feature allows for the user to pick the color and tolerance of the color to be used.

  • The Zoom View - The zoom feature is a handy little feature that allows you to zoom in close to any part of the image.

  • General Print Settings - This product is based partly on software libraries supplied by Epson.

  • Graphics Manipulation - The graphic properties dialog shows the graphic's details and allows the user to specify all the position and sizing parameters in one place. It also allows the launching of the color-replacement dialog.

  • Print Job Manager - C-Breeze RIP includes a feature to ease the pain of managing print jobs

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