Auto-Swing Flash Unit

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    The Lawson Auto-Swing Flash with Air is the best rotating flash dryer for screen printing available. With forced air actually moving through the heating panel, this motorized spot cure unit spot cures your t-shirt and then automatically swings away from the platen. Set the dwell/delay timer for getting the best flash cured shirts and never burn a pallet board again. Works great for plastisol and water-based ink.

    The Lawson Auto-Swing Flash with Air is the best screen printing flash cure unit for manual screen printers. Designed with Lawson's proprietary infrared red (IR) heating panel, Lawson's engineering team forces air through the actual heating panel onto your t-shirt, hoodie or any other garment. Directing hot air onto the shirt through the panel, your flash time speeds up and helps prevent scorching for sensitive fabrics like polyester, tri-blends and nylon. 

    This forced air flash dryer works well with plastisol and water-based screen printing inks. 

    This auto-swing unit comes with an activation foot pedal, dwell timer, stand and casters so you can roll it wherever it is needed. You only need a standard 120 volt plug.