Alpine Gas Textile Conveyor Dryer

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    The Lawson Alpine Live-Air Dryer is engineered for heavy-duty, constant production. Its rugged modular construction and advanced air-flo design make it exceptionally versatile and able to withstand even the most relentless use.

    The Alpine is a high-velocity live-air gas dryer. It will handle DTG, Garment and Specialty Items requiring heat up to 350-F. Lawson's exclusive Uni-Flo/Air-Knife jet chamber ensures efficient, rapid and thorough drying of waterbase, DTG, plastisol, discharge, solvent and hybrid ink systems. Lawson's Uni-Flo/Live-Air Jet-Knife heat chamber creates an evenly distributed, continuous air-impinged, high-velocity jet-air action. The substrate is constantly subjected to powerful jet streams that penetrate the water/ink barrier, drying ink more rapidly than ever before. 

    For Smaller Production Needs, Small Space Requirements, and/or Limited Power: Ask about our Omega GAS EXPRESS conveyor dryer only 12' long (3' In-Feed; 6' Heat Chamber; 3' Out-Feed).

    Standard Sizes/Common Textile Configurations:

    • 4' In-Feed
    • 8' Convection-Air Heat Chamber
    • 4' Out-Feed
    • 48-inch belt width x 16'
    • 60-inch belt width x 20'
    • 72-inch belt width x 28' (8 + 12 + 8)