Direct to Garment Pretreat Aerosol Alba-Pre

Alba-Pre DTG Pretreat Spray


  • $18.85

*Alba-Pre is currently unavailable from the manufacturer. However, Lawson has tested the Alba-Bro and found that it does just as good of a job as Alba-Pre. We recommend testing prior to production for your particular circumstance.
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Alba-Pre DTG Pretreatment Spray is a direct to garment pretreat solution in an aerosol form. The unique spray nozzle applies a smooth even coverage of pretreat with minimal overspray, staining and blocking.

Alba-Pre DTG Pretreatment Spray is designed for short runs, sleeves, left chest, hats, and other small print areas. This pretreat solution comes ready to use either as a sole pretreat, it or can be matched with a pretreatment machine for larger runs.

Using Alba-Pre with an Epson DTG Printer and inks will really make your design ink colors pop. For lighter garments only one light coat is needed.

Comes in a 16 oz. (453g) spray can.

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