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Alba-5 Embroidery Lubricant


  • $10.89

Keep Your Embroidery Machine Running Smooth With Alba Embroidery Lubricant

Alba-5 Lubricant is a 100% clear oil is designed for lubricating embroidery, textile, and sewing machines. This precision metered oil release can will not drip or run. The unique metering system sprays one drop of oil each time you depress the button. Using the extension tube, the oil goes exactly where you want it. This prevents over lubrication and fabric stains. No excess oil is wasted. No stain causing drips.

Net Wt. 6.84 oz.

Directions for Use: Attach extension straw to the button. Point straw at the exact location where you need the lubricant. Fully depress and release button. A measured amount of mineral oil will be delivered without any “over-spray”. Re-apply as needed.